That Thar Moon Phase

May 3, 2018

When I mentioned to my brother Kevin that I was putting a few vegetables into some planters he reminded me of what our grandfather, Bert Price, would advise.  “Yunz boys better check that thar Moon phase,” said Bert. Our last full moon was Friday, April 22nd.  Every 28 days the moon goes through four phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon and “dark of the moon.”  When the moon is waxing or it appears larger, its gravitational pull is the greatest and affects not only the oceans but everything containing water. Many believe that above ground crops such as leafy vegetables do better on a waxing moon. We're now in a waning moon pattern with our next full moon targeted for May 21st. You may have noticed your vining crops, such as cucumbers, excelling. Possibly you too planted those around March 24th when another waning moon was noted. The theory also suggests that vegetables and flowers  planted on a waning moon draws more water down to the earth.For future gardening remember Bert's words, ".... better check that thar Moon phase!"

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