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May 14, 2018

Recent readings of 90 degree daytime highs are not unusual for the first week's in May. So far we've logged four days in the 90s - May 2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th. All were within a few degrees of record highs. Other May stats note that on May 13, 1989, 95 m.p.h. thunderstorm winds at Fort Hood, Texas damaging 200 helicopters. May 13, 1883 found two tornadoes in Kansas City, MO that destroyed homes on 13th and Cherry Street which today it’s the location of their Federal Building and formerly the location of the National Severe Storms Forecast Center. On May 15, 1834, a snowstorm placed a half foot of snow on Erie, PA with “sleighs on the roads” in Rutland, VT.


And in recognition of a special day and realizing she left us in November of 2016... She lived in the house where she was born and refused to relocate to where her children reside. Her oldest, Denis, was born in the Spring, Mike in the Summer, Patrick and Kevin in Winter, Maureen and Mark in the Fall. Whether a snowstorm or thunderstorm, she referred to them by saying, “It’s getting bad out there…” Summertime chores were a discipline followed by sports-related activities or swimming. Leaves were raked and piled on the garden. The snowy winters found us clad in snow-pants, boots, hoods, gloves, and home-made stocking hats as we could hardly move.  I escorted Sue Welsh to our school prom as she requested violets for her corsage.  Mom and her friend, Loraine Blinn, picked hundreds of them and took them to the florist where Sue’s corsage was constructed. Realizing you too will share a moment with your Mom whether it be your prayers at a quiet time, a card, a flower, a hug or a kiss.  Thanks to all the moms, where would we be without you...

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