Auto A.C. and Slats

May 22, 2018

Open vehicle windows will cool the occupants through evaporation and closed windows reduce automobile drag and possibly less fuel consumption. In 1933, conditioned air was introduced for luxury cars and limousines and Packard’s were the first manufacturers to install them in their 1940 models. Twelve years later, air conditioning became a standard feature in the Chrysler Imperial. Since then, virtually all vehicles have air conditioning and around here it is certainly welcome. Experts suggest opening  the windows before activating the AC controls.  Research indicates that the car dashboard, seats and even air fresheners emit a cancer causing carcinogen called Benzene and a vehicle in direct sunlight at 60 degrees increases Benzene levels by 40 times over acceptable levels. These directives are also identified in your vehicle owner’s manual. Year's ago, it was our responsibility to secure transportation in all types of weather. My brother Kevin and I would sit on “the wishing wall,” at the base of Brighton Road, hoping that anyone going up-the-hill would take us with them. Slats Kotuby had a ’44 Ford pickup and if there wasn’t room in the cab, you got in the back. Leaving Riverside High School in a snowstorm, we piled into his truck. Slats wore very thick glasses, and when the wipers went out, Slats stuck his head out the window, driving the truck like Casey Jones in a driving snowstorm and a temperature of 24 degrees. Everything was frozen on Slats’ head as he was then known as Admiral Byrd

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