Past Seasons

June 1, 2018

Last year it was Harvey and Maria. On the rewind and the 21st Century whereby numerous, memorable hurricanes were recorded.  The nation's deadliest disaster happened in 1900 when a hurricane struck Galveston, Texas.  Storm surge caused 8,000 deaths with estimates as high as 12,000.  The "Atlantic-Gulf Hurricane of 1919" hit Corpus  Christi on September 14 with a 12-foot storm surge and 900 deaths while 1,836 died September 13, 1928 from a lake surge following the Okeechobee hurricane.  The "Florida Keys-Labor Day Hurricane of 1935" moved through the Florida Keys and the Southeast killing 408. The "Long Island Express of 1938" battered southern New England and in 1944 the "Great Atlantic Hurricane" sank a Navy destroyer, minesweeper, two Coast Guard cutters and a light vessel.  Hurricane Carol caused $461 million in damage on August 31, 1954.  A few days later Hurricane Edna blasted Cape Cod killing 20. Closing now with a column filed years ago..."Last September, Hurricane Gustav caused more tree damage in Baton Rouge than any hurricane or tropical storm in our history.  We quickly experienced the power of  70 mile-per-hour winds lasting more than ten hours that toppled the water oaks and pine trees in our neighborhoods.  The Associated Press reports that a tree that was planted by Marie Antoinette was recently destroyed. It wasn’t a sharp saw, but similar to Gustav, unusually high wind gusts that toppled this historic tree.  The 223-year-old purple beech was 82 feet tall and crashed to the ground during a severe winter storm last January.  The storm also caused extensive damage not only in France but parts of Spain.  It was cut up and sold to make paper."

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