The Power of the Sun

June 19, 2018

The sun is 868,000 miles in diameter and is approximately 100 times wider than our planet. In our younger years, we recognized the power of the sun while incurring a bad sun burn, long before the insistence of sun block and sun screens. Another example was a fun event when Mom assisted us in making our own root beer. The "to-do" list included retrieving a very old mixing crock from the basement. Mom embraced the task of mixing a root beer extract with sugar and yeast. After cleaning recycled glass pop bottles, we'd funnel-in the root beer and manually cap them with an old family "capper" that our ancestors used to make "near beer" during prohibition. The final assignment included placing the bottles in the sunlight and regularly spinning them to eliminate the sediment.  It took four days to get the effervescence just-right.  Before the fourth day, some of the bottles would explode. Another example of the power of sunlight and the power of the yeast gave us an extra pop in our soda-pop.

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