The Hailstone...

July 13, 2018

July is the month where the most lightning strikes erupt in the United States, June remains the month when the most hailstorms occur in the United States and the afternoon or early evening hours designate the times when they are most numerous. "White Plague" is how many farmers in the Midwest refer to hail. There have been numerous episodes of hail dropping from a clear, blue sky.  These episodes of hail form in a thundercloud and is tossed from the top of the air current rising in the clouds and hurled some distance by strong upper level winds. If you capture a hailstone and cut-it-in-half, you may notice concentric rings within the stone. These rings designate the times the layered ice ball circulates from top to bottom within the thunderstorm. The city hardest hit by hail is Cheyenne, Wyoming.  It receives nine or 10 hailstorms a year.  Finally, the Bible mentions hail 29 times.  Joshua 10:11 refers to a hailstorm that was sent by the Lord to aid Joshua as he and the Israelites sought to evict the Canaanites from the Promised Land.

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