Todd Ross's Cool-Down and a Clothes-Prop

August 2, 2018

I noticed an archived Advocate column that remains appropriate for this time of year and additional means of "cooling down..." Our old friend, Todd Ross, shared a procedure that his dad, J.R. Ross, used.  On golf outings, a small bucket contained hand towels soaked in ice water and rubbing alcohol. Once he “wrung-out” the towel the alcohol began a cooling process. Alcohol evaporates quicker than water and when it interacts with hot air, the evaporation process gathers energy to activate the phase change from liquid to gas. A typical cold towel is super cold with the combination of rubbing alcohol. The expression “hanging out to dry” references abandoning someone in a state of danger.  We have a built-in dryer today. A summertime task was “stretching the clothesline.”  Secured at the garage, the flagpole, and the porch, the line was stretched back to the garage. Here is where mom “hung-out-the-clothes” - kept off the ground with a “clothes-prop.”  A shower emptied the house whereby kids, a grandfather and neighborhood buddies scrambled to retrieve the clothes before they were re-rinsed by Mother Nature. My brother Denis was never alert when it came to bike riding and often strangled himself on that line, traversing the yard before it was taken down. Another green initiative includes people opting to hang their laundry on clotheslines instead of using energy-sucking dryers.

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