An Unfortunate Prediction

August 29, 2018

New Orleans' former Mayor, Ray Nagin ordered the evacuation of New Orleans,  13 years ago, on August 28th.  This is an excerpt of a Weather News column,  following the landfall of Katrina.  “After 48 hours of coverage of this devastating, catastrophic and unfortunate storm, some comments.  In every hurricane conference attended, the New Orleans scenario has been displayed. The worst-case scenario Monday morning played-out expectations of the Hurricane Center in Miami.  Numerous storms have skirted and hit New Orleans including: the October 10, 1837 Hurricane, the September 22, 1909 Hurricane, the October 2, 1915 Hurricane and the September 6, 1948 Hurricane. Named storms include Hilda in October of 1964, Betsy on September 12, 1965, Fern in September of 1971, Bob on July 12, 1979, Elena on September 2, 1965, Juan on October 29, 1985 and Florence on September 9,1988." During those conferences the experts identified two scenarios:  The "cereal bowl" effect whereby the Mississippi River, Lake Pont chartrain and the Gulf of Mexico would contribute to the flooding of a below-sea level city - New Orleans. The second scenario found Baton Rougeans opening their homes to those left homeless.  Those same experts predicted that 400,000 would pass through our town to stay or to other destinations. At WBRZ-TV, Channel 2 we opened our doors to those from the ABC affiliate, WGNO. They too, stayed in our station and at he homes of our employees while continuing our round-the-clock coverage.

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