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September 13, 2018




Statistics note that 37% of all named storms, 47% of all named hurricanes and 55% of all major hurricanes occur in September. Before the “naming” of hurricanes, Louisiana storms making landfall in September include: The September 22, 1909 Storm, The September 22, 1926 Storm, The September 21, 1947 Storm and The September 6, 1948 Storm. All landed within close proximity of Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Others include Flossy on September 25, 1956, Fern on September 13, 1971, Carmen on September 9, 1974, Babe on September 9, 1977, Elena on September 2, 1985 and Florence on September 9, 1988.  Most notably to our readers is Betsy, hitting New Orleans on this date in 1965 and Rita in 2005. The worst September storm for Baton Rouge?  Gustav. In closing here is a column written on September 12, 2008. The name Gustav will never be placed on another tropical storm or hurricane.  Similar to Katrina, Andrew and Betsy, it will be retired. On September 12, 2002, another Gustav scraped the Carolina coast and as we remember previous storms, Carolinians remember the year 1999.  Hurricanes Dennis, Floyd and Irene pummeled the Carolina coast and the nation's largest lagoonal estuary at Pamlico Sound was altered. Pamlico Sound has only four small inlets that restrict water exchange to the sea and for six weeks, its entire water content was replaced by flooding. Three-fourths of the sound's volume was displaced, salinity declined by two-thirds, nitrogen intake increased more than 50 percent and marine organisms died and became ill because of the storms."

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